Under the weather, but still stitching

The night before last, I had my behind handed to me via a stomach flu. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of acid reflux because there has been some garbage going on in my personal life. Acid reflux is my body’s way of protesting. Needless to say, I didn’t get that much sleep that night. Yesterday was pretty much a write-off, except that I did have my little man to myself all day 🙂

I didn’t get my dishcloth done yesterday. I do have that extra one that I have done, but I’m going to try to save it. My goal for today is to make two dishcloths, but if I get one done I won’t beat myself up.

I managed to get a pattern test finished for Crochet By Jennifer. This hat pattern is called the Gracie Beanie. It comes in sizes from newborn right up to adult. The size I tested fits me. And of course it’s purple!

Fits like a glove!

This was the first time I had ever crocheted cables. Jennifer explained it so well. The other thing I’m noticing about her patterns is how she includes links to various websites for stitches that people may be unfamiliar with. I can tell she really wants her customers to succeed at these patterns. It’s great to see somebody who genuinely cares like that!

The pattern isn’t released yet, but once it is, I will provide a link for it.

I’ve also tried my hand at writing a pattern myself. I decided that I wanted some wrist warmers made out of Red Heart Boutique’s Magical. They did have a pattern for gauntlets, but I didn’t like how it got looser up the arm. So I figured I would try to make my own. They are super easy, but hey, it’s experience writing a pattern, right? I’m hoping to get that posted today. I want to take pictures of the wrist warmers, but I’m not quite sure how to do that (my 3 1/2 yr old little man hasn’t quite developed his photographer’s eye yet. Oh, and I don’ really want him dropping my camera!). I’ll figure it out 🙂


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