Bamboo Double Pointed Needles – I just felt my productivity increase!

Little Man and I went out for lunch and spent some time with two of my dearest friends yesterday. We got to see Santa and have a chat with him. Then we went into a store called Crop Circles in Peterborough Square. I had heard about this store and I wanted to check it out. What I didn’t know is that they also have knitting supplies!

So I bought myself a little Christmas present. I found double pointed bamboo knitting needles! I was really excited when I saw them because I wasn’t able to find them in stores before. I know I’ve sang the praises of bamboo needles before. Well, I’m doing it again! They are so light and work so nicely. It really does make difference with my knitting speed. My friend also told me that they are easier for her to use with having carpel tunnel.

I also didn’t realize until I got home that there were actually five needles in the package. I knew they were shorter, but I didn’t see the fifth needle (I was just too excited about the fact that I had found them!) It won’t be any different than using four. I can see this being a really good thing.

So I think I’m going to bust out the Red Heart Magical. I’ve bought a few balls over the span of autumn, but I haven’t really had a chance to work with it. I’m going to make myself some wrist warmers. Not only do I think they look cool, but I think they will help avoid the nasty things that can happen to wrists. If not, oh well. They look cool!

I have a sweater that I started working on back in the summer for a friend of mine. I will be picking that back up next week. It’s an easy pattern, so it should take no time for me to finish it. That’s on the agenda after Christmas. I haven’t forgot about you guys… I was just a little bit busy since September! 😉


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