School’s Done… Now What?

I have now completed my Fibre Arts Certificate πŸ™‚

I can’t believe I was just able to type that! A year ago, I thought it was impossible for me to return to school. I really wanted to, but I figured with the visitation schedule my son has with my ex, it wouldn’t be possible. But then I said, and I’m going to be absolutely frank here… To hell with it! I’m going! Just because he has shown no initiative to get out of the rut in his life doesn’t mean I should let him hold me back in mine. Especially when it’s something that is going to allow me to better provide for my little man (something he does NOT do… I’ve got $100 from him in the last 3 years) and is going to set a great example for him.

It certainly was not easy. Having to get little man out the door and getting to school on time. One thing I found slightly amusing was how I had to get myself and a three year old ready, drop him off at daycare and then drive 25 minutes to school. I was on time most of the time. Yet, there were some in my class that lived right in Haliburton, have no children, yet would constantly arrive at least 10 or 15 minutes late.LOL

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that I was able to take full advantage of studio time. I probably could have because Mom and Normy were there to help. But this course was a bit tough on my little man. I know he missed me like crazy. That’s why I didn’t stay as much as I could. Truthfully, the only thing I missed out on was having the facilities to dye and the space to screen print. Now that I have my spinning wheel and loom, I will be making up for lost studio time πŸ™‚ I would like to get into dyeing, exploring food colouring at some point, but I have far too much to do right now to worry about it. I will be looking for the tools to do so though. If a crockpot, hot plate or some pots fell into my lap, I certainly wouldn’t refuse it.

This course really did change my life. Anyone that I had talked to that had taken it told me it would. Not only from what I learned, but the timing of it. The timing was impeccable. I won’t go into what all had happened leading up to and during the course (I have posted about that in the past, so I really don’t want to go back there), but I will say that having something else to focus on has really helped me build my strength.

As for the course itself… One of the BEST decisions I have ever made. Keep in mind, I don’t have an extensive art history. I did find some parts challenging because of that. But the instructors were so wonderful and so understanding. All you had to do was ask for help and they would go above and beyond to make sure you understood what they were teaching.

So what’s next?

I want to take my new-found skills and confidence and build up an inventory. I would love to get on the show circuit. I plan on joining the spinner’s and weaver’s guild and the quilt guild to keep up the learning and support. I would also like to launch an online store. I may also look into putting my items into consignment shops in the area.

I (and anyone else who was interested) have been extended a challenge to make a knitting bag. I’m really excited about that. We had a panel of three guests on Friday in our last class. I asked for their input about shows etc. One of them suggested that there needs to be more children’s items in the area because “Grandma’s like to spoil their grandchildren” πŸ™‚

So just because the course is over doesn’t mean that the learning is. I will also have more time to update (I think!) Hehehe


2 thoughts on “School’s Done… Now What?

  1. Thank you Judy! It really does feel good! I need to get some more pictures up. If there are any techniques that you see that you would like to know more about, please ask. I would love to share πŸ™‚

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