My Spinning Wheel is Home!!!!!

My new baby!!!!

After waiting since September (thank goodness I didn’t order this then or else I wouldn’t be seeing her until next summer!), my baby is finally home! I’ve called her Destiny because I’m thinking that spinning may be my destiny!

My Normy got it as a gift for me. He is so amazing! All he wants out of life is to see my little man and me happy. Well, he certainly does a phenomenal job! This is the best gift I’ve ever got from a significant other. He certainly is a keeper! 🙂

The buzz of her arrival was sort of muted by an event that happened at home today. We were notified that on Monday we were getting new insulation put in our attics. Well, I got a phone call today saying that it was going to happen now. I was told that one of the staff from the housing complex was going to be here. Well if she was, she certainly didn’t do her job. Normy came in and thought the place was broken into. He couldn’t find my cat, which sparked panic. And then he noticed that my back door wasn’t locked. Aside from that, the workers left quite a mess of insulation and dirty hand prints all over the access panels. Anyway, I was working away on my assignment at school when I got the frantic phone call. I rushed home to see if I could find my kitty. It turns out he was in the only place that Normy didn’t look… Behind the washer.

I’m going to find out who the is doing the insulation so that I can file it and remember to not use them when I get my own place. If I was paying for this, I would be calling them back here to clean up the mess they made. That isn’t professional at all.

Now I must retire to my happy place!


4 thoughts on “My Spinning Wheel is Home!!!!!

  1. Hey, it’s a Lendrum! Mine’s a Lendrum too and I love it to bits. What a lovely gift. Guess he’ll be getting some handspun goodies in return, though 🙂

    I’m not surprised the pussy cat was behind the washer. Sounds like the safest place to be, poor thing. What a nasty surprise. Thank goodness spinning is a calming activity…

    • What a coincidence, eh? You know what’s funny… I have only used 2 spinning wheels ever. I used my instructor’s Lendrum and it just felt right. I didn’t realize that the manufacturer is only about a 2 hour drive from my place! Small world 🙂 I knit Normy a pair of socks not too long ago, but it wasn’t my wool. I can’t wait to make something for him! I also want to make my parents a wool sweater for when they tend to their wood stove. I’ve heard a few horror stories about synthetic fibres. I just want them to be safe!

  2. What a nice looking wheel, lucky you! Are you thinking of staining or painting it? I have seen some wheels painted wild colours. I have thought about it with mine, but then decide I like the natural wood.

    Spinning is so addictive, soon you will be looking at drum carders and different flyers!

    • I love my wheel! I never thought about painting it. Cool suggestion, but I’m with you with the natural wood. Although it would be cool with a whole bunch of colours. Or if somebody could splash paint on it while it’s spinning. That would be a cool effect!

      I agree about spinning being addictive! I only used a spinning wheel 4 or 5 times before I made up my mind that I wanted one! I was eying up a plying bobbin when I went to pick it up at the spinner’s guild meeting the other day LOL And a drum carder is already on the want want list (I think I deserve a graduation present! hehehe) 😉

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