Innovations Week

Well, this is it. The last week of my course. I am a combination of excited and sad (more excited though). I have worked so hard to get here. Worked so hard while I was here. Now what?

Now it is time to apply what I have learned and work on the new skills that I have acquired. My plan is to set up a daily schedule to include time to work, time to practice and time to enjoy with my little man. I can do this. My goal is to build up an inventory and hopefully start doing some shows within the next year. I would also like to start up an online store as well.

This last week we’re working on our “Innovations” project. I know there are going to be some out there that won’t agree with my choice, and if you’re one of them, please know that this is part of my healing process. I also want to say something with this piece too, to bring awareness to situations that society tries to sweep under the rug. If I stay silent, then I can’t complain if nobody knows my plight (or the plight of so many others).

I’m not going to post all of the details at once. I will do it as I go. So right now, after I finish this post, I will be going back to the classroom to spin some yarn. I have one colour to represent my little man and one colour to represent me. I then plan on knitting them together to show the strength and fabric of our little family.

To be continued….


2 thoughts on “Innovations Week

  1. Time is passing so quickly, seems like you just started your classes. Thank you so much for sharing the journey. It has been great fun to read your posts.

  2. Well thank you so much for reading them Judy 🙂 I’m far from done with courses. I’ll continue to share my discoveries in the fibre world. My next focus will be spinning and weaving. I’ll still be doing other stuff too, and I’ll be sure to post about it.

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