Oh happy day!!!!! I just have to call Wendy to arrange a pick up time for my brand new spinning wheel!!!!

It’s funny how the timing worked out! I know if I had got it any sooner, this course would have been harder to get through. I know where my focus would be! So on Monday, December 19 when I’m looking around because I’m lost from not being in class, guess what?!

It may not get action then either though. My little man has been waiting a very long time for a “Goober and Mama Day.” Most mornings when he gets up has asks me if it’s going to be a “Goober and Mama Day.” All that consists of is us spending time together. He doesn’t care if we go out anywhere. Most of the time he would rather stay at home. He’ll snuggle me for a little while. Then he’ll play with his cars while I work away, perfectly content just knowing that I’m there. I know there may come a day when he doesn’t want to hang out with me (unless he’s like my brother who still enjoys his days with is Mama too πŸ™‚ ). So I’m enjoying every second of this πŸ™‚

So I have some pencil roving ready to warm me up. It is easy to spin, but it’s good to get in the groove. I have a bunch of fleece ready for practice. There’s the one bag that I have that is purple wool top with silk. That’s going to be nice! I’ve got so many ideas! I think a drum carder may be in my future too.

On Wednesday, the Spinner’s and Weaver’s Guild is meeting a stone’s throw away from school. I’m going to pop over there on my lunch to meet everyone. I can’t wait! One of many positive things about going to school in your own backyard is that the contacts you make are the ones that you will be working with in your area. I’m really excited about meeting everyone!

Well, I’d best be on my merry little way for now. I plan on posting about my business card and the awesomeness that was the Portfolio and Marketing class at some point. I shouldn’t have even wrote this out because I’m SUPPOSED to be working on a paper for my innovations class. I’m stuck in the mud with the paper, so of course I’m going to procrastinate! With that said, unfortunately I’d better get at it. I’ve been waiting for it to write itself and it just isn’t.


6 thoughts on “MY SPINNING WHEEL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!

  1. I’m am wound up like a clock! It is a gift from my beloved Normy πŸ™‚ I think he’s practicing the “Happy wife, happy life” mantra for when we do get married… He’s got it down pretty well! Hehehe My little man really is the apple of my eye. If it wasn’t for him being sent to me, I know I wouldn’t be here. He is so loving, so sweet. And funny! Oh my goodness! You don’t know what he’s going to say next! The other night when he was in the tub, he was talking away to himself, retelling his favorite bedtime story with a Cars twist!

    I really am blessed beyond words!

  2. Yeah a wheel! And how nice to have a guild close by, they will be able to teach you a lot.

    It is so nice just being able to hang out with your little boy. My girls have 5 days of class left then it is summer vacation. Two months of hanging out with them and my husband’s family. (It is a bit strange having Christmas in the summer, and the days before and after Christmas we have to register the girls for the next school year, so it makes Christmas feel a bit weird, but oh well).

    Hope you have a fun “Goober and Mama Day”!

    • Given the company I’ll be keeping, “Goober and Mama” is always a pleasure πŸ™‚ I am going to work out a schedule to balance my work and Mamahood. I want to make sure that he gets outside regularly not only for his health, but for my sanity! You can really tell if he’s been cooped up. He’s wild child! I will be able to get some things done with him hovering around. He’ll be starting school in September, so I want to embrace this time!

      I can see it being a little weird with having Christmas in the summer! That sure would be an adjustment, eh? One really cool thing is that if Santa brought them a gift like a bike then they wouldn’t have to wait 4 months to ride it! It would also be cool to have the option of having Christmas dinner outdoors πŸ™‚

  3. My daughter said the same thing about the bike! πŸ™‚ And it is nice to have the option to BBQ, because the house can really warm up with the oven on all day cooking a turkey!

    Here they celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas day, so presents get opened at midnight. Or as close to midnight as you can get before the kids get too cranky and sleepy! It is nice, but sometimes I miss the waking up Christmas morning to presents.

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