Portfolio and Marketing

This week, as the title suggests, we’re working on our portfolios. I’m actually enjoying it, but I think it’s due to our instructor’s sense of humour and how she is presenting it. I don’t have anything to post as of yet, but I’m contemplating posting the business card I want to get printed up once I get it finished. I’m also thinking about adding a PDF of my CV/Resume on here because you just never know who’s checking things out šŸ˜‰ I also want to give my blog a good tweaking, but that may not happen until after I’m finished school. I have set the intention though!

Our instructor is Kim this week. I really like her. She came in to speak to us at Sew Resourceful about critiquing. She really is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all of this stuff. She dyes her own yarn and is a knitting guru. I would LOVE to be able to talk knitting with her sometime, but unfortunately there isn’t enough time this week. You can find her blog here.

I picked up some fabric last night to make some gifts for some very special people in my son’s and my life (but more so his). I can’t elaborate right now because I’m not sure if one of them reads my posts! Hehehe I also had a couple of ladies approach me yesterday wanting to buy dishcloths. I hope this is the start of something wonderful.

I’ve been watching Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny quite a bit lately. While it is an “interesting” movie, the concept behind it is the part I love. They want to pay the rent with their rock. I want to pay the rent with my fibre manipulation (knitting, sewing, spinning, weaving… Fibre manipulation is just quicker to say!)


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