100th Post and a Facebook Page… What A Day!

Welcome to my 100th post!

Yet another AWESOME day to match the most AMAZING week! (I think my experiences earlier this week warrant a post of their own… It has nothing to do with fibre or school stuff, but it will be worth a read).

I’ve been on the fence for awhile about whether or not the timing was right to start a Facebook page for Keep Me in Stitchez. I’m not really a business (yet!) but that is the direction I would like to go in. I don’t have a very large inventory of things to sell (yet!) unless you count the scarves I’ve been working on. I do, however have a TON of pictures of projects that I have completed. I am also looking to network and start getting the word out that I will be making things to sell (I hope!) come the New Year. Soooooo… When I asked Kim what she thought about me setting up a page, she made some very good points. So with that gentle nudge, here I go!!!! Thanks Kim! I will be posting the “Like” button either tonight or sometime in the next couple of days here on my blog. I still want to tweak my blog too, but that may have to wait for another week and a bit. Can you believe my last day of school is next Friday? Wow… That went by way too quick!

I’m having a heck of a time getting photos together for my portfolio. I’ve either gifted or sold a majority of the work I have done. Most of what we have done in class has been samples, so that doesn’t work either. Mostly what I have left are garments. They are best photographed while somebody is wearing them. My little man has outgrown the sweaters I have made him (he keeps hinting for a tractor sweater, so I may just have to make one for him!) Oh well, I get it figured out. I always do 🙂

I did go out yesterday and play in the sculpture forest with some of my work and my camera. Here’s what came out of it:

I had fun! They won’t work in my portfolio, but at least I tried to be creative. It was almost like yarn bombing, except yarn bombing is permanent LOL


6 thoughts on “100th Post and a Facebook Page… What A Day!

  1. Hey, it’s me, your bestie! I LOVE the scarves and stuff on the sculptures! Too cute! I also get tons of positive comments on the scarf you made for me!

    • Thank you! It seems like after I gave that speech last week, a dark veil has been lifted from me. I don’t know how else to describe it. Things are going REALLY well and I am beyond grateful 🙂

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