Textile Manipulation – Week 2

I realized that in my last post, I didn’t talk about our instructor, Judith. After having her teach us for two weeks, she has been added to the Mentor List! She showed me so many techniques that I have fallen in love with. I told her that she didn’t help me in my quest to focus in on one area… She also mentioned that she will be up in the summer teaching a class. I will probably there πŸ™‚ Between her and Laura, the sewing fire has been rekindled! I seriously need more hours in the day… LOL

This week we had to plan and execute a 3D project. I went to the One of a Kind show last weekend and I was very inspired by one artist who had some little fabric boxes displayed. What I had in mind was completely different, but seeing those boxes got the wheels rolling. Hers had a lot of free motion and sheer fabric holding found objects. I wanted to play more with the Corded Log Cabin patch. I also wanted to unleash the purple. I was challenging myself to expand my palette. I think I have done well keeping the purple to a minimum. I’m done using other colours for now. I LOVE purple and I’m going to use it! I’m not planning on selling these pieces, so I’m going to do what appeases me πŸ™‚

MY colours πŸ™‚

Under construction

Ready to sew part of the binding

Finished box

The box isn’t perfect, but since it’s the first time I’ve ever done one, that’s okay with me. I tried to use this project as a springboard for something that I may make and sell down the road. This whole experience was great because now I have an idea of what worked and what didn’t work. I have a whole list of things I want to try or tweak.

Judith also suggested that I assemble the box with hand stitching. I’m really not a huge fan, but I’m trying to embrace it. It actually went along a lot better than I had anticipated. She showed me how she uses a thimble. One of the parts I disliked about hand stitching was getting the needle through all of the layers of fabric. The thimble solved that problem right there. I really do think that a hand stitched binding on a quilt gives it such character. Sooooo… I will probably end up embracing it. LOL


2 thoughts on “Textile Manipulation – Week 2

  1. wow, you have been busy. I love the idea of quilting, the image of sitting in the evening with family, sewing our bits of history together…but when I saw how exact you have to be! I am really not good on doing things “perfectly”, I have lots of slop in my work!

    And so true about planning. Because I didn’t plan well enough, I made a huge felted disaster this weekend which I am trying to rescue. Sometimes things have to be planned!

    • Ah, see I have this inner perfectionist/critic that has the need to be appeased. So if I work on something as precise as a quilt, they get their outlet but it’s not directed at anyone else (which tends to hurt others and I don’t like, so quilting shuts them up! LOL) πŸ˜‰

      I’ve had quite a few disasters due to poor planning. I hope you were able to recover your felting incident! I know felt can be very forgiving, so hopefully it’s showing you some love!

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