Textile Manipulation – Week One

This week our project was to make a small quilt. There were also samples done too, but I’ve been too busy to think about taking pictures of them (I will if I remember at some point). One of the techniques I have fallen in love with is the “Corded Log Cabin” patch. That was one of those samples that I forgot to take a picture of, but you will see it in my next post about the second week of textile manipulation.

So when I was looking for a small quilt to do, nothing really jumped out at me. I eventually found one that I liked, but it was far too big to do in such a short time. That’s where I had to bust out the pencil crayons and graph paper and alter it to my liking. The thing that really appealed to me about this quilt was the illusion of the patches being intertwined. I love the look of Celtic knots and things woven and twisted, so of course this quilt spoke to me. So the construction process begins…

The pattern I have drawn out. It’s colour coded to know how many pieces of each colour I need to cut out

The selected fabrics (If I do this patch again, I would probably change the lavender to a brighter colour. I’d also like to see what it looks like on a darker background)

The finished patch

I still have to bind and quilt it. That will happen eventually. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Once again, as painful as planning can be, it sure was worth it!


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