Moon Over the Barn Vest

So here is the finished vest and another before picture. I doubt Mom will actually end up wearing it because it is rather heavy. I can’t say that I blame her… It certainly wouldn’t be very nice to wash. I may end up snagging it from her! Hehehe I will probably make a wall hanging for her. I did get the desired result though… Both her and Dad got a kick out of it. That’s all I really wanted with this piece (aside from completing a required project) 🙂

Vest lining

Vest back


Opened up

See Granny Girl! The moon IS over the barn! 😉

I had a lot of fun making this vest. I put a lot of planning into it and Laura helped me A LOT to make sure that it happened. I am so thankful to her! This has been one of the first times EVER that I have had a project turn out EXACTLY how I had it imagined. Planning seems to be really key here (as I also found out this past week as well). It may not be the most fun step, but it ends up making the part where you don’t have to rip things out because you had planned it well possible!


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