My Angels are working overtime!!!!

This is non-fibre related, but I want to make sure that I remember this!

We’ll go back to Saturday. I went to the One of a Kind Show (art and craft) on Saturday. I had my winter tires put on on Wednesday, so I figured I was good to go. I noticed a bit of a vibration. I got out and checked my tires, but saw nothing. So I just chalked it up to them either needing to be rebalanced or maybe I just wasn’t used to driving with my snow tires.

On a side note: When we were in the parking garage at the show, my friend commented to me about the lack of lighting in the garage. I agreed. Then I started to giggle as I remembered another time I was in a parking garage. I had gone to pick my friend up (the one who passed this summer) at Pearson International Airport. I MAY have forgotten where I parked the car. So we had to go on a quest to find it. Of course he didn’t let me forget about that… LOL Anyway, as I was giggling and sharing the story with my friend… The lights came on 🙂 I think she was a little creeped out. I’m past that now because he’s been making his presence known here and there. I love it 🙂 And this time I found my car!

Yesterday, I noticed the vibration getting really bad. Normally I wouldn’t have been back to Minden in time to go to the tire place, but for some reason I was able to get out of school in decent time. So I went in and spoke to the man. He said that they probably did just need to be rebalanced. So I made an appointment for Thursday morning.

This morning there was (and still is) a significant freezing rain warning for the area. The school buses were cancelled. So I figured that little man and I would have a snow day. I will drive through 6 feet of snow, but when it comes to freezing rain, I don’t go anywhere! I called the “donor” because he was scheduled to see him to inform him that the buses have been cancelled and we weren’t going anywhere. Well, being the selfish jerk that he is (and that’s the nicest thing I can say about him), his visitation is clearly more important that my son’s safety. So we were dragged out. (And I hope the freezing rain hits with a vengeance on their way home. It’s not like I didn’t try to warn them)

When I was on my way to the exchange spot, I noticed a SERIOUS problem with my steering. I had a feeling it was related to my tire. When we got there, I noticed that my tire was seriously flat. I went over to the gas station, which is in the same parking lot, and tried to put air in my tire. It just wouldn’t fill. I got some in it. Then I took my car over the the garage.

I got a call and he told me that the belts must have weakened and that there was a serious bulge in the inner sidewall. That would explain why I couldn’t see anything. He showed me the tire and OMG!!! I have to get a new tire.

I have some SERIOUS angels watching over me! I have a feeling that the one who likes to play with lights had something to do with it. My tire could have blown when I was downtown Toronto. Or worse, going 90 MPH on the 401! I don’t even want to think how that would have went…

So needless to say, I am VERY GRATEFUL to God/the Universe and all of my angel team!


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