Where I’m At

Facebook status for the evening:

Right now I am watching Meatloaf, drinking from a special mug, with baby boy in bed, kitty having a snack, man who treats me like gold supporting me on various levels, amazing family (blood and extended… You know who you are!), typing on my purple laptop, about to write in my blog about my experiences of following my dream, reeling from the buzz of hearing that I have “that fire, that spark, that passion, you will go far, see you here soon!…” from people who “know”, kitty right beside me now, playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Smith, about to pick up my knitting.


I gave Mom her surprise tonight. It was a vest. But it was more than a vest. It represented a family joke. She laughed when she saw it, which is exactly what I was hoping for! Dad figures that my aunts and uncle will get a kick out of it. He figures they may want a copy as a wall hanging or a quilt. (I would do that in a heartbeat!)

I am so proud of myself with this project! I worked so hard at planning it out and it turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to! It was VERY tedious with the planning, but the end result was well worth it.

One of the many beautiful things about this course is that you get to see what works for you. There are so many different instructors and techniques, that if you just listen to them and pay attention to what works for them, you can see if that works for you or if another technique pops out at you when you try it. I discovered that I really don’t like coming up with patterns for sewing clothes. I did really enjoy revising and coming up with a quilt pattern. I have also written a couple of patterns for bibs and I have a few more knit or crocheted ideas in there. I love having a chance to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

To be continued… Pictures to follow.

And the kitty is snoring, pretty much laying upside-down, butt on the arm of the couch, head on my lap. His paw is around my arm so he’ll know if I move.


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