This Week So Far…

I haven’t been having a very good day today, project-wise. One of the projects I was working on, transferring photos onto fabric using gel medium, failed miserably. Apparently the ink from my printer was water-soluble, so it ran. I ended up having to start from scratch. Fortunately I had all of this ready ahead of time, so I’m not crashing. My assignment WILL be done on time.

The other glitch was my screen for printing my yardage. When I rinsed it off after shooting it, some of the emulsion came off. I tried to make due with it, but I was really unhappy with it. I probably should have asked my instructor to help me, but it’s really not that difficult of a process. I ended up stripping it down and just redoing it. Gunnel helped me this time. The odds ended up being stacked against me in the first place. The screen wasn’t tight to the frame AND even Gunnel was challenged with coding the screen (that made me feel a bit better because if the screen-coding guru was having issues, I was destined to fail!) So it’s drying right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to shoot it again later on this afternoon. I’m so thankful for Gunnel’s patience 🙂

This evening, one of my parents is going to watch Little Man and the other one is coming up to the school to help me! I’ve probably mentioned before how I wouldn’t have been able to do this course without their help, but I want to express my gratitude once more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love you guys! (not that they ever read this…)

So it’s the end of lunchtime and I’m approaching this afternoon with a fresh attitude. That was this morning. This afternoon I am going to rock the projects! I am going to get so far ahead that I will be sitting around tomorrow afternoon! (Yeah, sitting around behind a spinning wheel! Hehehehe)

Assignment using metallic pigment – I painted the background. Then I scrunched up sections of the fabric while painting it in my hand

Another assignment. I painted all of the background and sewed the two strips at the top and bottom. If you have a Cars fan in your life, you will recognize Lightening McQueen’s number. This is for my little Cars fan 😉 (I tried to rotate this image, but it wouldn’t save… Ugh)


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