A VERY Intense Week!

I’m sure if you’ve been to my blog before, you’ve probably noticed a serious lack of posting these past 2 weeks. Last week was reading week, so nothing new happened (in my world of fibre arts anyway… Unfortunately, some personal crap decided to surface… I’m ok and it’s one of those things that I think had to happen).

This week we’re doing textile embellishment. I’m having a riot, but haven’t had a chance to post. It also doesn’t help that my camera is on the fritz… It could be the batteries, but I have this really bad feeling… So back to iPhone pictures until I have the time to look into that.

One of my pieces I’m doing is in hopes of raising awareness about Emotional Abuse. Many people’s stand is that it’s “all in your head” or “you’re just being too sensitive”. It’s real. It’s VERY real. It happened to me. And because it’s not recognized as an issue, the same abuser is now allowed to tear down another victim who holds my heart. If this person had have beat the crap out of me a)it would have stopped then and there and b)I wouldn’t be forced to see them or forced to send that dear one with them. Bruises heal. Words are with you forever. It’s been almost 3 years since we fled, but it’s no better today than it was 3 years ago. Sure, I’ve healed, but those words are still there. Imagine actually hearing all of the negative stuff you already believe about yourself on a daily basis. Then added to that being told you’re useless, lazy, mentally unstable, a bad parent… So this is my way of lashing back. The world needs to know that this is NOT right.

And on the super, mega-positive, happy dance front… I WON A BURSARY!!!! πŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “A VERY Intense Week!

  1. Just kick those awful words out of your head. You have better things to think about now. Congratulations. What is a Bursary?? πŸ™‚ Judy

    • Bursaries are awards of money given to somebody to help pay for school fees. There are different requirements and tons of different bursaries available. There are web sites that have them. The one I won was through my school. They have a faculty art auction every year and that’s how the funds are raised. There are many people that don’t know what they are or just don’t apply. I wish I had have known about them when I went to hairdressing school!

      And you’re so right about having better things to think about. It can be challenging to shut those thoughts off sometimes, but this course really has helped πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on the bursary; and I walked that word abuse path about 30 years ago and thought as you do that a good physical slap would hurt a LOT less. Don’t let the words enter into your head, they come from someone’s intense insecurity. hugs wendy

    • Thank you so much Wendy. School really is helping me shift my thoughts. I am so grateful for the timing of it.

      I broke into a happy dance when Kara gave me the good news about the bursary! She probably thinks I’m weird, but she wouldn’t be the first one πŸ˜‰

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