Mr. Sun, you wrecked my plans!

Well, “reading week” started on Friday (and for the record, I did check out a token book! On weaving lol). I wish I could say that I was excited about it, but that would be a big lie! Yeah, yeah, I could probably use a rest. The studio will be open next week, so I plan on going in on Monday and Tuesday at least. I would really like to practice spinning, screen some t-shirts and fabric and probably do some dyeing. Why not, right? I think the spinning will be the major focus. I would like to have some of the glitches worked out before my wheel gets here so that I can get down to business. I do realize that spinning is a never-ending learning process, but the sooner I get practicing, the sooner the sailing will be smoother 😉

My loom arrived safe and sound! Dad and Normy carried it into Normy’s place. I still have to get a couple of shuttles, some bobbins and other accessories (any equipment and book suggestions for this newb would be appreciated!) before I can get started. I am really excited about it! I’ve always wanted a loom, but never thought it possible. I have to keep it at Normy’s place because I don’t have any room here. I’m not quite ready to sacrifice my garage yet… (The place where I live is one of those ones that has neighbors with noses in your every move. Outta sight, outta mind I believe!) Normy tells me he’s thrilled though because that means that I will have to spend more time there. I really appreciate Dad bringing it up for me. I made him his pulled pork sandwiches and Red Lobster biscuits. He looked like a rather happy man! Hehehe

My loom is a Leclerc Fanny 45″ counterbalance floor loom. Here’s a link to what it looks like. The model shown is a Fanny II, but the only difference is that the Fanny II has a shed regulator. And the bonus part to the whole thing is that if somebody gets out of line, I can tell them to kiss my Fanny and NOT mean it in an offensive way. It’s not my fault if they misinterpret the meaning 😉

I was planning on having a day of doing nothing. Of course by saying I’m doing nothing translates into having either a hook or needles in my hands. We were just going to hang out here and have a movie day. Well, the sun decided to shine today after more than a week of being on vacation. So I think there will be a trip to Rotary Park and possibly the sculpture forest on the agenda. Poor little man hasn’t really been able to rip for over a week. He’s been pretty good, but you can tell he hasn’t been out to play. So I think some fresh air and exercise will do us some good. I know the fresh air will knock me out though. So I may be partaking in nap time this afternoon too.

I have a few more pictures to post from last week, but my camera is in my car at the moment and I am uber comfy on my futon. Next week will be quiet (probably not now that I said that!), so I will post them then.

And it has to be said… The Leaf’s are playing like they mean it these days! I saw most of the game against Montreal last night and oh my! It was awesome! It tugs at my heart though whenever they play Montreal. My friend was a huge Montreal fan. Every time the Leafs played the Habs, there would be smart-ass text messages exchanged. It really breaks my heart with my phone being silent. I miss you buddy.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Sun, you wrecked my plans!

    • Thank you! We had a wonderful day. I picked up some yarn (how can you have a bad day when there is yarn shopping involved?!) We went to the sculpture forest. Little man had a riot! It really was a perfect day 🙂

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