Blind drawing, oh how I love how you level the playing field!

I may have mentioned that I can’t draw to save my life. Well, I think things are about to change!

This afternoon, we had a new instructor, Marta. I already think she is amazing! She is taking it easy on me (and anyone else who needs it) because of my limited drawing skills. She has already given me a lot of encouragement. I think if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, putting my all into it, there is nothing but room for improvement! She says that is what she is looking for. As long as we try our best, we will pass. Yay!

The first thing we did was a technique called blind drawing. She gave us a feather. Told us to look at it, to study it and then draw what we saw without looking at the paper. Surprisingly enough, mine resembled a feather! She also had us do double blind drawing. That’s where you close both of your eyes. Yeah, not so great. But at least I wasn’t alone!

Here’s some of the drawings I did:

Blind drawing… My first attempt ever

Blind drawing… We were to do this 10 times over and over

Blind drawing with my left hand

Believe it or not, this one we were allowed to peak at. I think peeking did more harm than good!

This one was from memory, or “double blind”… With our eyes closed

We were supposed to go out and get something from nature that we want to base a design motif on

Well, I have to say that I’m excited, but a little nervous about tomorrow. This is totally uncharted territory. I’m on the roller coaster… Now’s the time to hang on!


4 thoughts on “Blind drawing, oh how I love how you level the playing field!

  1. I like the feather drawn ten times, feels like a feather.

    I have a drawing book that says to copy a picture, but have the picture upside down. The idea is you look at the lines, and not the “whole picture” and how you “think” it should look. You focus more on what you are really seeing, without interpreting it. Works really well, give it a try!

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