Basic Sewing

Well, it’s only just after 10 am and Laura has given us more useful information in that time than one can acquire in a very long time!

So far we have been talking about fabric stabilizers. I’m really excited about this because this is going to lead into free motion sewing! Really looking forward to that!

Later that day…

I have a little story to share about a desire coming true right before my eyes.

A year ago last summer, I went to an art show featuring fibre artists that was held here in Minden. I was just in absolute awe. I had never appreciated art on that kind of level before. I think it was that day that I pretty much made up my mind that I was going to take this course.

There was one artist’s work that really stood out. I am so horrible with names, but I remembered her work. I thought to myself “I would really love to meet this artist someday!” Her work really inspired me.

One day last December, our instructor, Laura Trach, took us to the gallery for a class with Sew Resourceful. They were speaking to us about shows, the application process and what’s involved. They were kind enough to give us a program from the show that summer. I was excited about this because I got a chance to see who that artist was that had inspired me so.

Her name was Laura Trach 🙂

I whispered to my friend “I want to tell her how much she inspired me, but I don’t want to sound like I’m sucking up!” She overheard me say that! Hehehehe Click here to view Laura’s site.

So as I mentioned above, Laura was teaching us yesterday and half of today. Oh my goodness, the stuff this woman knows would just blow your mind! In the short time we had, she managed to cover topics such as machine care, pressing (see pics below), different types of stabilizers and interfacing, different types of needles and their functions, how to sew around corners just to name a few.

Practicing straight lines and specific seam allowances

Fidgeting with the stitch width and length



Sleeve board for… You guessed it! Ironing sleeves! And other small articles

More pressing helpers

“Ham” also for pressing

A “clapper”… Used to press an edge down even tighter after being ironed. Makes the edge crisper

Laura will be back in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited!


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