Day 24 – The spinning wheel is back!!!! Oh, and we did some dyeing with acid dyes too

THE SPINNING WHEEL IS BACK!!!! I MAY have broken into a happy dance when I was told this! LOL I already have “donuts” wound and I’m ready to spin!

So today we did a 10 step gradation using acid dyes. It was pretty cool! The really cool part was that we got to “play” with the different colours. We took syringes and did rainbow effects on fabric and yarn. There MAY have been some purple involved in my work… Hehehe! That was incredibly fun!

I just deleted a rather negative section here. Yay me! I just want to focus on the positive ๐Ÿ˜‰

I CANNOT WAIT to knit with yarn that I have coloured! Better yet, spun and coloured. Better yet, carded, spun and coloured. Oh yeah. On bamboo needles. From sheep raised on my property. I always say “Go big or go home”… I JUST got the meaning of that! I just went on a rave to Normy. It was a positive one. He said my explanation totally makes sense. (This is the part where you can either smile and nod or ask “Why Kyla, whatever do you mean by that?” Be prepared for that one… LOL)

Anyway, back to acid dyes. I LOVED it! I do have to admit that I am wary of the health risks of working with these dyes. This has however, fueled the fire to explore with food colouring (I was reading in a spinning book that food colouring is actually food grade acid dye!)

I decided to give wool yarn and some fleece a try. And a braided piece of silk. (It was a five-strand braid… This is the second time in this course that my hairdressing skills have come in handy! Another crazy thing is that there is actually another hair dresser in my class!) The silk turned out amazing! The fleece was gorgeous, although I am not sure what to do with it. If I spun it, I would really need to card it. Unless I wanted to make a novelty yarn… Hey… that may work! The pre-spun yarn was AWESOME!!! (This brings us back to my “I CANNOT WAIT to knit with yarn I have coloured” rave) The one was blues, reds and purples. It’s on display right now. I did try to work outside of my usual palette. Not an easy task! I came out with green and orange. Not my thing, but I know I will have fun knitting with it too. ๐Ÿ˜€

My yarn in the jar. This was like a double boiler

Fleece in the acid dye bath

My part of the class assignment

My 10 Step Colour Scale using Acid Dyes

Tomorrow we finish up our reactive dyes and work on disperse dyes.

*I am a day behind now. This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, so I didn’t have a whole lot of screen time. Friday’s tonight if I don’t have too many assignments.


7 thoughts on “Day 24 – The spinning wheel is back!!!! Oh, and we did some dyeing with acid dyes too

    • I will definitely check him out. I had this feeling it would be just a matter of time before somebody made that suggestion. I don’t really know anything about him other than he was very enlightened. I had no idea about the spinning wheel. Those are the magic words! Thanks Wendy ๐Ÿ™‚

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