Day 20 – Wrapping up loose ends

Today was the bursary application due date. Godspeed little applications! I sure could use the money!

This morning I wasn’t really in a screen printing frame of mind because I was sad about my little man having to go for the weekend. I did bounce back a bit with a little retail therapy…uh…school shopping. So I got back on the printing roll this afternoon. I even made myself a t-shirt, which I am still proudly wearing 😀

This is me, proudly modelling my creation:

I’m seriously contemplating buying some t-shirts, printing this screen and selling it. I already have one friend who wants one. I can see this going over well with the knitting community 😉

We didn’t do a whole lot of anything new today. Gunnel showed us how to reclaim our screens. That means removing the emulsion. It was crazy how quickly it dissolved!

This is Gunnel’s last day for a couple of weeks. She was an absolutely wonderful instructor and I can’t wait until she comes back! She has been quite an inspiration to me. When she told us how she got started, that really gave me hope that I can actually pull this thing off. Thank you Gunnel!


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