Day 12 – A History Class I Can Appreciate

The Neo Citran is brewing, so I’m going to keep this short. I managed to get through the day, but this morning was just horrible. Yes, I have my whiny pants on.

Today was a VERY informative day. Patricia discussed ancient textiles, particularly the weaving discovered in South America. Peru has a lot of ancient textiles due to its ideal climate. She said that Mexico probably had textiles from around the same time period, but we’ll never know because they rotted in that climate. She was also saying about how archeologists initially just threw the textiles away because their eyes were on another prize. For shame! I never had any real reason to go to South America until this past week. Or at least I didn’t know I had any real reason… Heck, I haven’t seen this country from sea to shining sea! That may have to wait now 😉

She gave us a few interesting links. One that I plan on exploring is The Textile Museum of Canada – In Touch. It is an interactive site where you can learn about the history of textiles and see their collections. There’s even a game where you get to be a “textile special agent,” stopping the diabolical Dr. Hande from destroying ancient pieces of textile art. I haven’t tried it yet, but Patricia gave us a wonderful demo. I’m excited to play it! Yes, it’s a game, but you’re also learning about textile art. Sneaky, eh? It’s almost like not telling your preschooler that cherry tomatoes, peppers and celery are actually referred to as vegetables AND they are good for you. Now who would do that? Hehehe!

We also made a class “quipa” today. (Since I’m feeling under the weather and don’t feel up to explaining, here’s a link for the curious). It was rather cool. I was thinking about making a bracelet based on this idea dedicated to my friend (it was four weeks ago today). Our other assignment was to do a four strand and 8 strand braid. This was to give us an idea of how a Ceinture Flechee is constructed. (In the word “Flechee” there are accents over the e’s… I thought I would mention this because I didn’t want anyone to think I left them out on purpose. I just feel too lousy to fiddle with my keyboard settings to get it correct).

We also discussed the topic of our research papers. I decided to research the history of tartan. I may have mentioned somewhere along the line that I would love to attempt to replicate the Haliburton Highlands tartan once I get a loom (for personal use and just because I like a challenge!). Patricia wanted us to choose a topic that would relate to some future works we have floating around in our heads, so I thought that would be perfect. I haven’t sat down that long to research it, but I’m finding some really interesting stuff in the little time I did surf. I will be completing that assignment for Friday and will probably post it on here over the weekend.

Other than dinner with Mom and little man, I think that covers most of the highlights. I’m off to curl up in a blanket, drink some Neo Citran and call it a night. I did look over the comments and I will respond to them when I’m feeling better (I have lots to say and the brain won’t co-operate tonight). Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit. The comments that are left keeps reassuring me that I have made the right decision to follow my heart this time *HUGS*


4 thoughts on “Day 12 – A History Class I Can Appreciate

  1. The quipa knot was interesting..thanks for the link. I’m learning so much from you, and there seems to be no end to what there is to learn.

    I am so sorry you’re not feeling well. I hope it’s just a cold and will be gone soon. Take care. Patsye

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for so much interesting information today and I will be looking at all your links 🙂

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