Day 10 – I want to be a weaver (and spinner) when I grow up!

I know I talked about weaving yesterday. I didn’t get to sit down at the loom yesterday for very long. I did today though. And I LOVED it!

I can see this being a very challenging medium. That’s one of the parts that appeals to me most! Aside from having to be a perfectionist when you’re warping your loom, you have to keep track of what pedals to push and when and what you did last so that you know what to do next. Confusing? It can be. But once you get your pattern down, it seems to be smooth sailing. There are 6 pedals on the loom I was working on. The outer ones are used at the beginning and ending of the section you’re weaving. The other 4 are the ones you use while you’re weaving. The combinations of the pedals are endless. It is so cool! I want to play some more!

Above is my very first attempt at weaving. I don’t think it looks too bad for a first shot. Wendy seemed to think it was alright too. Yay!

Today was the last day we have Wendy for an instructor. For this course. It won’t be the last for me though! I fully intend on signing up for the week long spinning course next summer. I want to find out more about the master spinner’s course as well. And I’m pretty sure there will be weaving instruction required in there too. The Kycave suddenly seems too small!

I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to drop by and see what’s going on. I hope it’s worth your while! I didn’t realize how much impact this whole school experience has had on some of my readers. That is EXACTLY what I’m shooting for (along with the part where I want to document everything because I want to remember everything!). I am trying very hard to keep things updated and in order. If you see the days scattered, I can assure you that you surfed in while I was trying to get organized. And as for pictures, I will do my best to get them posted ASAP. Thanks for caring! *HUGS*


4 thoughts on “Day 10 – I want to be a weaver (and spinner) when I grow up!

  1. Oh, I so agree with you! I love spinning and weaving. I am not that accurate with my weaving, (warping needs work to get the tension right), but I love that the weaving still looks great and has feeling and motion. There are many different forms of weaving too, and it is fun exploring the different techniques.

    Here is an interesting blog about weaving with a lot of information :

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