Day 7 – Ah, Spinning…

Today we didn’t do a whole lot new in the fabric construction department. We did go over an assignment we were given regarding what fabrics are made of. This really got me thinking. I really don’t like the direction the world of fabric has taken. There are far too many man-made fibres out there. I realize that they are less expensive to produce, but what are the other costs involved? Polluting the Earth. Increasing the danger of injury while wearing these fibres. Polluting the Earth. I know I said that one twice, but that’s how much I dislike it.

I continued with spinning this evening. I really do love it! I swear, I had to have been a spinner in a former life. Nothing has really spoken to me the way that spinning has. I just sat down and started to spin, like I have been doing it for a long time (even Wendy will back me up on this one!). It feels so comfortable and so natural. I definitely need to do more of this!

There is a sweet, SWEET man who is purchasing a spinning wheel for me for my birthday. It won’t be ready until sometime in November or December. The quality put into this wheel is totally worth the wait. I’m so excited! THANK YOU Normy!!! Xoxox


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