Day 3 – Still Standing. Barely.

What a day.

My little man started crying when I was going to leave him at daycare. So that means that mama started too. It was not a good scene. When I picked him up from Mom’s though, she said that he had had his best day yet. He was playing with a little girl when she got there. He was much more chatty tonight too and talking about his day. He tells me that he’s not going to his school tomorrow though. I asked him where he was going. He told me he was going to go grocery shopping. And that he was going to push the cart. I asked him what he was going to buy. He said some regular Fishies and some cheese sticks. And then he was going to get some apples and some bananas. And some bread. And he was going to make me a grilled cheese… This boy really cracks me up. I’m not sure if I mentioned he’s only 3 1/2 lol

For the past two mornings, Fay has had us do some silly little exercises. I say silly because the whole point of them is to let loose and just be silly. We finished up the knitting and crocheting portion of the course. I had a small victory! I made a felted “Huny” pot and it turned out exactly how I had it pictured! That hasn’t happened all that often to me, so this is big!

I also talked to Fay about the piece that I have due tomorrow. Included in that is a piece of paper I made. This is a very special piece. I went for a walk today and I wrote a letter to my friend. On my travels, I found a red maple leaf. When I went back, I started ripping the letter up in preparation. Well, that’s when I lost it. Fay came in and pulled up a stool. She said that I could talk if I wanted, but I didn’t have to. I thought that was so sweet of her. I also added some newspaper dated on his last birthday. I poured half of the pulp on the mold. Fay picked it up to let the water drain and then she held it. I put the leaf in. Then I poured the rest of the pulp in. I put some words on top that I had torn out from the letter. I think the whole concept is just beautiful. I thought it was a great tribute to my friend and a great way for me to release some of my emotions. I think this is going to touch people. It already has.

A couple of ladies wandered in after class. I think they were just checking to see if there were any new displays. I got talking to them and they asked me if I would mind showing them some of the things we have done so far. When I got to the paper and told the story, the one woman had to leave. Wow. It wasn’t my intention for it to be THAT powerful. I can’t believe a piece of my work has had that kind of effect on somebody. That just amazes me.

The rest of the day I had to finish a paper. The reading in that textbook is not easy. The authors are pretentious and pretty narrow-minded (from what I’ve read so far). Oh well. If this is the worst part of my course, then I’m sure I can handle it! I was just thinking on my way home about the kind of pressure and stress we’re under. But you know what? Compared to the pressure and stress that I was under, particularly in the last two weeks of August, this is fun stress. This is a cakewalk!

Just a note to my blog friends: Thank you SO MUCH for reading and commenting. I’m sure you already know how busy I am. So if I don’t respond to your comments right away, please know that I have read them and will reply as soon as I can. I barely have time to update my blog. I think once the weekend comes, I will be blog “stalking” 😉 Hugs to you all!


6 thoughts on “Day 3 – Still Standing. Barely.

  1. From my experience, textbook reading is never all that exciting. Although it does have an upside – it’s an EXCELLENT cure for insomnia or if the book is thick enough it’s a great doorstop! LOL 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever read a textbook that isn’t pretentious, but it has a lot to do with the author’s perspective on any given topic. I’ve contributed a chapter to a university textbook that should come out after Christmas. I hope I don’t come off as pretentious! LOL!!! We’ll see!

    Congrats on your gains at school!!

    • You? Pretentious? NEVER!!! That’s so cool about your contribution!

      I really wasn’t impressed about how the authors decided that the readers needed to know that a politician, who just so happened to be Canadian, was a pig farmer after he objected to and commented on this ridiculous piece of artwork that was purchased for millions. It was a blue stripe, a red stripe and another blue stripe. But then again, this Canadian hairdresser-turned-artist probably doesn’t know squat about art either. What the heck does being a pig farmer have to do with somebody’s view of art?!

      So the doorstop it probably will be… LOL

      Thanks for the congrats! This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! 😀

  2. It is possible to have “fun stress.” I know. I get involved in a project, and I can’t let it go. I MUST finish, and even get up in the middle of the night to do something, or add something, to a current project that I’ve thought of in a dream. That’s a little stressful.

    …or obsessive.

    • Oh my goodness Patsye, you sound just like me with the getting up in the middle of the night. I also forget to go to bed too! LOL As for the obsessive, yep… Me too. A positive about being obsessive about our work is that that is a much better channel for that energy than obsessing over a lot of other things in our lives, right? 🙂

  3. I love your writing and so much of it resonates with me. I am considerably older (my baby is 31 lol) but I feel that we are on the same path in many ways. Wish i could attend a program like the one you are in. I am crazy to learn the felt!

    • I’m so glad it’s resonating with you! If you don’t have time to enroll in a program such as this, have you thought about looking for weekend or nighttime classes? There are also TONS of felting tutorials online. It doesn’t cost a whole lot to get set up. Needle felting is good for small projects or if you have lots of patience for the bigger ones. Wet felting is simple to do and is really good for the bigger projects such as hats. If you have any questions, I’d love to help you out 🙂

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