My First Day of School

Picture a child who had just came home from their first day of kindergarten. The enthusiasm. The excitement. The stimulation. The tired and crabby child that appears after everything settles down. Then the euphoria sets in. Yep. That’s me. (Okay, maybe add 30 years…)

This week, my instructor’s name is Fay. I really like her. I had a good vibe from the moment I saw her. Maybe the purple streaks in her hair had a bit to do with it… She’s probably my mom’s age! She’s really warm and patient. She gets really excited about things too… Her enthusiasm doesn’t seem too be far from how excited I get about stuff!

When we got there, she asked us to sit around a table. There’s 9 of us. She asked us to make a banner with our names on it and some words that describe us and/or our intentions for the course. She also split us up and had us ask each other questions. Then we presented them. She had us tie our banner on a stick to represent the class. It was really nice.

Then we busted into the felting. We started off with wet felting. I can say that at this point, I still enjoy the needle felting far more. But then again, I only did one piece. So I’ll give it another chance. We did do a bit of needle felting, but I think we’re going to delve deeper into that tomorrow.

I have a piece due on Friday. The wheels are just a turnin’ in my head. I’ve got a few ideas. I’d better write them down before I forget. Now if I can just get what’s in my head to my hands… Shouldn’t be a problem since I’m not drawing! LOL

The rest of the parts of my day… My little man went to his first day at daycare. They said that he cried quite a bit in the morning because he was missing his mama. Then he had quite a nap. He almost started to cry when he saw me. Poor little man. I really do wish I could stay with him. But he has to go to school sometime… I tried to make it up to him tonight. I took him out for dinner. I bought him Finn McMissile. After we finished dinner, we went home and I made a garage for him out of a cardboard box. He played with that quite a bit.

His father cancelled their visit again today. I wanted to cancel it, but I was advised against it by my lawyer. I thought it was pretty harsh to expect him to spend the morning with him to just have him dump him off at his very first day of daycare. I think that would have went much worse. I called on the “Handy Helpers” to protect him. Sure enough, at 7:30 this morning, I got the phone call. Ask me if I dropped to my knees in gratitude!

There were a couple of negative aspects to my day though. First of all, I couldn’t find my keys. I was so thankful that I knew where my extra set was! The other part is that the support workers are on strike at the college. I do have to say that I support their reasoning for being on strike. I certainly DO NOT endorse their tactics.

I am so exhausted, but I am so euphoric. I have been waiting for this day for so long. It was so worth the wait! And on that note…

Is it day 2 yet?!


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