What chapter are we on?

Who cares? All that matters is that this is a new one. I just know I’m going to like this one!

Knitting hasn’t come back to me yet, but I did manage to do some felting yesterday. I bought a felting tool the other day (5 needles in a handle) to help speed the process along. It was going okay until somehow one of the needles broke off and ended up in my foot. Thank goodness I got my tetnus shot last week! And thank goodness it was my foot and not my little man’s or my kitty’s. I was not very impressed by the whole thing. Screw productivity, I’m working with something I know that is less likely to snap (and end up in my foot!).

So I decided to make a cellphone cozy. It’s shades of purple and blue. I have a friend in mind who I would like to give it to. One thing I’ve noticed is how I didn’t realize that I have as much to give as I do. For some reason it didn’t occur to me that people actually like gifts from the heart. I always thought I was too broke to give gifts and I let that get me down. Not anymore!

I got my textbook yesterday. I go for school orientation on Monday. Yeah, I’m excited. Scared. Curious. At least this time I know I’m in the right place. I went to hairdressing school a week and a half after I graduated high school. I went because it was safe – I knew that no matter what happened or where I ended up, I would always have a job. But that security came at a rather large price. Not even 5 minutes into my very first day, the precise words that came to me were “What the HELL am I doing here?” I guess being 17, you don’t trust your intuition as much. There’s probably some 17 year olds that can’t even spell intuition, let alone know what it is!

This course is where my heart is. I have no idea what I’m going to do after I finish this course. I do know that I am going to enjoy it though. I refuse to accept anything else or settle for something that is going to make me so miserable that my light is extinguished once again. I can’t wait to get there to see what sort of options are open to fibre arts students. I know somebody who is taking a master spinning course. I know I would enjoy that. There’s teaching. Starting your own studio/business. I may even end up taking the Visual Arts program. I’m letting my heart and my gut determine what happens next.

I’m excited about all components of this course, but I’m really looking forward to drawing. Drawing is not exactly my forte… I’m not expecting this course to cure everything. But I am looking forward to learning about colours, their values, shades, hues and whatever else is involved. Textures too. This is the part where I really don’t know anything.

Since the computer has come to be, my regular visitors may have noticed the lack of pictures. Yes, I’ve gotten lazy. It was a lot easier to snap a picture with ye olde iPhone and upload it that way. But then again, I guess in all fairness, I have had a LOT on my plate!

I’m thinking I should be back on the knitting track this weekend. I still have to dust myself off after picking myself up… I’m trying to be gentle, but I don’t want to hide behind things either.

For now I am off to pick up my felting needle 🙂


2 thoughts on “What chapter are we on?

  1. You have so much happening right now, don’t worry about having no photos for your blog. I think that going back to school is so exciting! Of course, your classes sound so much fun and so interesting. Can’t wait to hear the things you learn:) Judy

  2. Thank you Judy! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to this new experience! I am looking forward to what I’m going to be learning, the people I’m going to be meeting. I can’t wait to share what I learn! I hope that my experience will inspire others to follow their passion and explore new mediums that they never thought of trying. I’m just buzzing right now!!!!

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