Yeah, fibre is my coping mechanism

I had to face a demon from my past. Literally and figuratively. (Too bad I am unaware of an exorcism ritual that will send this particular one packing… Open to suggestions here!). I asked if I could knit while we were talking and it was all good. I didn’t grit my teeth once and I knit a dishcloth and a half in less time that it takes to normally knit one! I guess the speed was perhaps to compensate for having to be in the same room as such darkness.

I knew knitting soothes me, but I had no idea just how much until today. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to endure one of the most uncomfortable situations I could be exposed to for as long as I did. I’m really proud of myself for that!

Some people smoke. Some exercise. Some use drugs or alcohol. Some eat. Some shop. My vice is knitting and today really opened my eyes to that. I am SO THANKFUL that I am able to knit in the first place and how it soothes me.

Now it’s time to release some anger that came bubbling back to the surface. That will be channeled through needle felting. Pretty sure I will be getting something done tonight!

Thank God for such wonderful coping mechanisms!

Trying to end on a positive note, here’s John Deere sweater number 2:


Number 3 is on the needles. The back is completely done and the tractor is started. It’s just downhill once the tractor is done 🙂


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