They Go On A Trip, I Get Inspired!

My best friend and her boyfriend just got back from a cross Canada road trip (man, I wish I could have went!). It was the experience of a lifetime for them 🙂

They brought back some very thoughtful, much-appreciated gifts for us. My gifts included a t-shirt and postcard from Lake Louise, Alberta. That’s a place that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit and skate on. They also picked up this little number to get me fired up:


I can SOOOOOOO do that! I’m pretty sure that’s why she picked it up 😉 She said she also got a felted hat that she wants me to look at. Oh, I feel the grasp of the felting bug so close to me! Hehehe

So the postcard of Lake Louise is going up in the Kycave amongst the photos of my loved ones, my Sew Resourceful certificate and the other loving, inspirational items that keep me buzzing in that room. I should take a picture of it someday. It’s probably not what you have pictured!

After seeing their pictures, the postcard and those sunsets last month, I’m just bursting at the seams with felting ideas. I’m going to hold on to them right now though, because I have prior commitments. If I am able to hold on to them until school, that may even be better. I can only imagine the feeling of pent up creative release that I am going to experience there.

32 MORE DAYS!!!!!

(there’s nothing saying that I can’t go to Marty’s and grab some felting supplies! ;-D)


2 thoughts on “They Go On A Trip, I Get Inspired!

  1. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Lake Louise, in the summer. Such a beautiful place. I love your gift. It really gives a lot of creative ideas. Judy

    • I’ve wanted to go to Lake Louise ever since I saw Brian Orser skate on it. At first it was because Brian Orser skated on it! Lol Now it’s because it’s just such a beautiful place. One of my dearest friends lives about an hour or so away. He’s always sending me pictures to try to get me out there. If I had the money, I’d be there in a heartbeat! 🙂

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