Did you know you CAN get what you wished for?!

Well, now that I have Internet, my computer has a virus! Go figure, eh? I’m going to see how much it will cost to fix since I don’t have a Windows CD to do it myself. Somewhat frustrating. Oh well. My laptop is just within reach. I just want to wait for the back to school sales. I guess I should just start looking now, eh?

I was just saying to Mom on Sunday just how overwhelming it can be sometimes when you actually achieve a goal or are in a position to acquire something you have wanted for such a long time. Take the Internet for example… Once I had it in my home after almost 4 years, I had no idea where I wanted to start! Do I stalk Facebook and look at friends’ pictures I haven’t been able to view? Do I tweak my blog? Do I launch a website? I’m finding the same thing with laptop shopping. I also just got my school supply list. I glanced at it excitedly, but my mind has shut down! I mean, I’ve been wanting these things for so long and now I have them. No more struggling. What the…?!

NOTE TO SELF: Well suck it up girl and get used to it… If you can pull these things off, you’d better start figuring out what else you want! You’ve shot for what you once perceived as impossible and now they are in your grasp! Time to set some more goals. What do I want? 😉

Now to the needles…

I’ve finished the back of tractor sweater number 3! I still have to sew #2 together and make sure everything is weaved in. That won’t take long at all. Pretty sure she’s not in a hurry since she said Christmas would be good!

So next I will put the front of #3 on the needles. My goal is to have this one done in 2 weeks max (I have the dishcloths done too!)

I’ve also started a chunky sweater as well. It’s variegated camouflage, so it’s really fun to work with. It will probably take me awhile since it’s a 2X. Then again I’ve been shocking myself with my speed, so ya never know!


I’m finding that in order to keep up the momentum of working on repeat items, I have to slip in the odd little side item to keep the stitching interesting. So I did this little number:


I just have to knit the border, sew it on and it’s done. I don’t have anyone in mind, so it will probably end up being for sale at some point. I really love the colours and the yarn was fun to work with.

Well, I’m off. Going to get dressed and take my boy (and knitting!) to the park for a bit. Man, I LOVE having portable work! It’s so awesome to be able to pick up the yarn and needles and fulfill orders at the park, in the doctor’s office, waiting for an oil change… And I guess you know you LOVE your work when you have the option of leaving it at home… And you don’t! 😉


2 thoughts on “Did you know you CAN get what you wished for?!

    • Thanks Judy!

      I still keep rubbing my eyes in hopes that I’m not sound asleep in an amazing dream! I know I’m not though because I have a little man that won’t let me keep still 🙂

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