Two Down! (Almost)

As the title of this entry suggests… I just have to sew the seams and weave in the ends of sweater number two. I’m going to do that later on this week. πŸ™‚

So I now have number 3 on the needles. This SHOULD go quicker since it’s a smaller size.

My little man has been bugging the heck out of me to make his. I think I’m going to do his a little different. I’m thinking all green and yellow with checks on the sleeves rather than stripes. I may leave them solid… We’ll see when the time comes. I also found a graph for the actual emblem. So…

I picked up some pretty cool Christmas yarn the other day. I also acquired a pattern for a tea cozy. I’ve never worked with this sort of yarn, so I’m excited. It’ll be taking a back seat for awhile though.

I LOVE being busy!!!!


2 thoughts on “Two Down! (Almost)

    • Thanks Judy!

      Once I get this computer stuff sorted out, I plan on adding a photo album or something along those lines. I do have a lot on the go and I hope that by sharing what I do, it will spark some creativity in others πŸ™‚

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