Summer, sunsets and my boy

I just have one more sleeve left on tractor sweater number 2 (of 4). It’s been too bloody hot to knit anything, but I haven’t given up. It’s a good job that I don’t need them done until Christmas! I will have them done long before then, but it just doesn’t feel like it right now.

My son keeps asking me if the sweater is his. I told him I would have one for him when it’s cold enough to wear. And you bet I will! I really do love that he’s taking an interest in the things I make. He even asks me if he can help knit from time to time. One day last week he decided that the “guys” (Little Mickey and Pooh) needed to learn how to knit too 🙂

Last week I was in a place where the sunset was just breathtaking. It was so inspirational! I was trying to look at it from a different perspective… I tried to pick out all of the different shades and tones of colour. You know, that’s really not an easy thing to do! Anyway, it did spark some ideas for some future pieces. I can’t wait to learn the techniques that will help me make this piece a reality!

47 MORE DAYS!!!!


4 thoughts on “Summer, sunsets and my boy

    • This really does excite me to no end! I think he’ll be open to what I’m going to be learning this fall. Oh, the doors this is going to open for him too! (I may have a future yarn bombing accomplice too! heheheh)

    • I really have never had them speak to me like that before and just come up with an idea for a piece of work. I haven’t had time to put it into action as of yet. But I have the sunset imprinted in my head and something will probably manifest as a school project 🙂

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