WTH? Green Fetish?

Yesterday after I said goodbye to my baby boy, I went to get my pity deep-fried Mars bar. I was talking to the bestie and we started talking about creative outlets, particularly for children. My little man is going to require various outlets, so I try to get as many different ideas from as many different sources as possible. She mentioned that the drug store here in town had finger paints on sale. So I decided to get some.

I grabbed it and walked around for a bit. I walked past the nail polish and saw this crazy green. I thought to myself “Who would wear this colour?!” The immediate answer I got was “14 year old me is who would wear that! In fact, I have skating spandex that would match it nicely!” I chuckled to myself and walked to the checkout. The ladies were taking forever, so I decided to walk around the store to see if I missed anything. I walked past the nail polish again. This time I picked it up. I’m still not sure why.

One thing that ended up being cool…


I thought that was so cool. I may start requiring matching yarn and nail polish 😀 Hehehe


2 thoughts on “WTH? Green Fetish?

    • This was actually by accident… I was informed that my brother loves my knit dishcloths and I was looking for a “manly” colour. I cracked up when I noticed it. It is a good way to stay motivated and keep up on the manicures 😀 lol

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