An entry from a computer? Really?

I don’t know how often people swing by here. But if you have before and you notice some changes… Yep, that means that Ky was able to get to an actual computer rather than update everything on the iPhone.

I was exercising a bit of my cyber creative muscle earlier. I will be adding more as more computer time is alloted. I have a LOT of links I’d like to share, but of course they’re on my phone. I’m also trying to get this blog hooked up to my Facebook account. I have such limited time on a computer though that I usually get started on something and then get distracted by surfing! Oh, the things I could do if I had more time on the net… I actually know HTML and the like, so I am capable of making things pretty. But ya know… The time will come though!

Well, I’m off again.


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