A preschooler, knitting needles and a baby blanket

Today my three year old son wanted to help me knit. So I let him climb onto my knee, helped him position his hands on the needles and he helped me hold on to them. I explained to him what I was doing as I was knitting. I’m sure it was all over his head, but you never know when the day will come when it sticks. And if you don’t take the time to talk about what you’re doing, especially when they’re interested, they won’t have a clue. He may never want to knit on his own. But if he’s going to show an interest in what I do, I will gladly share it with him. Also, who am I to judge how long it’s going to take him to pick it up? He could be ready for needles in a couple of months for all I know!

And then there was the part where I experienced Heaven on Earth 🙂 I love my little man with ALL my heart. I’m rather fond of knitting too. To have my baby boy on my knee asking questions about knitting while I’m doing it… Pure bliss!



This blanket is knitting up rather nicely. Taking a breather before the next tractor sweater 🙂


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